Active sub-ministries

Children video resources

The ministry seeks to help make available, evangelical Christian friendly children video literature. Wholesome video literature that not only seek to help 'safely' keep our little ones preoccupied but also to biblically edify them whenever possible. When the ministry was first undertaken, this was the only area under consideration - however a few others have ever since come to consideration.
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Children short stories

The ministry also longs to help make available evangelical Christian friendly children text as well as audio short stories. Story literature that should take care never to assert against Christian teachings in the name of amusement - and whenever possible labour to contribute towards evangelical as well as educational edification.
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Wholesome children games

The ministry also wishes to help make available, children computer as well as mobile games that are evangelically wholesome. Educational or innocent-logic based games created by men after God's own heart (for absolute modesty). Again primarily to help keep our little ones 'safely' preoccupied above possible educational edification. This being in sequel to this
failed attempt.
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Cloud-based instant messenger

The ministry is as well laboring to develop and maintain a cloud-based instant messaging that should seek to offer an evangelical Christian friendly messaging experience through fostering of complementary features while excluding those that appears compromised in their nature or purpose. This project is partly work in progress.
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Christian alms platform

The ministry as well seeks to present a global evangelical Christian alms giving or crowdfunding platform. The sub-ministry seeks to serve amongst others those saints who shall have tested and loathed the gall of destitution on many existing crowdfunding platforms touted as Christian-based.
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Android advisor Q&A

The ministry wishes to present a simple and yet functional Christian friendly questions and answers platform that lets parents avail personalized help on issues encountered mainly with their kids' Android based devices. The ultimate goals being a safer Android computing platform that does not retard godly upbringing.
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Friendly internet browser

The ministry is as well looking to mobilizing, through the enabling of the Lord, the development of a browser which's focus shall be on features that should maximize internet surfing safety to the highest standard set by evangelical Christian holiness. Major features such as image blocking, ads blocking, gross or inappropriate content blocking as well. Only an Android based version is available at the moment.
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Incorporating Directors

Below are individuals acting as directors or incorporators of the NPC legal identity of the likeChrist Ministries
Kervin Mathumbu

Kervin Mathumbu

Managing Director
Rudolph Mathumbu

Rudolph Mathumbu

Financial Director
Lufuno Bridget Makhavhu

Lufuno Bridget Makhavhu

Women Projects Director


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Contact information

Below are details on our operating address, email address, phone as well as service support operating hours
B227 Matanda Zone 2, Nzhelele, 0993, South Africa
+27 15 590 2731
Mon-Sat: 08:00-17:00 GMT +2
Sun: 15:00-19:00 GMT +2