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Admittedly, there is evidently still much room for refinement (particularly on the young boy or lad model) and I have intentions to work on the same if providence should thus permit. The narration and background audio likely requires balancing as well, however the clip overall is usable for audience of looser scrutiny like children in my judgement. The clip is meant to precede each episode on the Martin – The Christian Lad series.  I desired that the intro clip should be soaked in godly virtue as opposed to yet another vain clip  that will only  serve to fulfill an ‘Animation norm’ – and hence blending the Lord’s Prayer therein was judged most fitting. I do not have a ready episode to add the clip in question to – instead the hope still is to try and commend the earnestness of the work to Christians hearts and minds if by any means it may be counted worthy to be invested upon by those who seek to lay a true heavenly treasure (through supporting the same work). I shall otherwise proceed to work on the very first episode now that the intro clip stands fairly complete. Dear God have Mercy!

I have sourced the base (base in that I modified almost all prior to use) of most of the models in the clip as I am of little experience in 3D modeling as of now. And some of them are to be only used freely provided credits is given to the authors thereof. Hence below is a list of select 3D object authors with their respective models. Yes the most part of what I have done was to meaningfully put together these models and animate mainly the young boy (he came rigged) and the cameras – then added audios – then rendered the whole and lastly added the captions.

  1. Bed by Blenderess
  2. Desk by SirOccor
  3. Airplane by Josh_Newnham
  4. Doors & frames by 3DHaupt
  5. Hair by Lula Borges
  6. LCD & keyboard by Bheema
  7. Mouse by Neogen22
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