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Animation Summary: The toy wooden train travels across station number 11 all the way up to station number 20

Video Notes: Funful learning of numbers 11 to 20 for pre-schoolers, toddlers and Grade Rs.

Projects Notes: These are now small little projects I undertake in between the doctrinal WIP alluded to on the previous post. One other reason of investing time on them as well being to quickly put together a worthy collection for my 3 & 6 years old sons – which they will then exclusively watch. Of cause at the same time catering for any other Christian parent’s child in the same age group range. Certainly hoping to coverage children of other age groups as time and resource (or precisely providence) shall permit. The video itself as usual can appreciate a good finish touch-up – which I hope to accordingly offer as soon as it shall be possible. Dear God have mercy through the Lord Jesus Christ.