Video notes: A short clip on Christian Kindness. A Sunday school boy recalls that it is not kind to laugh at the misfortunes of others.

Video transcript: Billy Blue has just hopped off the Sunday School bus around the corner and now heading home. Meanwhile Gary Green had been playing with his ride-on infront of his gate. And presently decided to hope off for a glass of juice. As he was getting off, he sadly tripped and fell. He was however not hurt though. Billy Blue seeing this felt a strong stir to laugh at the occurrence. But he thought doing this would likely hurt Gary Green. And he thought that that would not be kindness. And he remembered that he was taught at Sunday school that God demanded that those who seeks to please him ought to be kind to others amongst other righteous act. He then could not laugh.

“Do you need help Gary Green?” He enquired, ready to go over and assist. And thus show even more kindness instead”.

“No thanks Billy Blue”. Replied Gary Green.

“I should manage”. He added.

“OK and very well”. Said Billy Blue. And off he went.

Project notes: I have once again considered using this asset set mainly for the simplicity in animating as there aren’t much limbs to animate. It is thus easier to get a theme completed in a short time. I should however also continue with the more human resembling set. I am also considering very strongly the idea of relatively brief themes. Hoping to only attempt full episodes once resources should permit.

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