Video notes: A crain truck loading powered vehicle shells onto a dump truck which then trasports each load away. With a dump truck used, chances are the shell metals are going to be recycled rather than restoring the shells.

Project notes: I am considering to also bring in stop motion animation. Especially for animating toys for little ones under the fun & play category. The creation of these animation type proves to involve little mental strain and could be worked upon even when not mentally compost for computer animation.

The camera quality of the best device at hand (8MP – 720p smartphone) sadly proves to be below average. There is one budget webcam recommended for stop motion which I could procure once affordable. Alternatively, I could swap the device at hand for this one other device a brother owns if he should be willing (13MP – 1080p smartphone). A have lended him sum funds from which balance I would gladly cancel the greater part above giving up my own devi. It has not been easy to repay the lended sum and hence the swap offer could be seen more as a previllage than depravity. In fact I am willing to only proceed if he is happy with the offer than otherwise. I also purpose that if possible, he should capture a test animation that he can then send to me to preview and judge if the quality is indeed any better before we should conclude the hoped swap. I am hoping to also look at the option of mobile lenses if by any means I could avail one that could enhance the quality when used with just the device on hand.

As for the toys used/to be used, they are relatively cheap acquire. Though also of low quality meaning that the boys are not able to reuse them for longer before they have to be replaced. But that should compliment the stop motion projects as it should benefit from newer toy designs on which new animations could be created. Dear God have mercy over all. In Christ Jesus’ name!


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