Video notes: A Christian friendly kids stop motion animation of a father and son gathering autumn/fall leaves.

Project notes: A somewhat arbitrary semi-finished stop motion animation based on a set of clay, wire and cloth puppets recently mumbled up (loosely created). I am also hoping to do toys based stop motion similar to the one recently published here. Toys based stop motion will be more of simple “fun & play” while the puppet animations are expected to theme quite substantially on Christian doctrine. Yes I purpose to work on a new set of puppets with more humanoid joints as not only is the current set tricky to pose but also susceptible to breaking internally (the wire armature). The device offer alluded to here was eventually extended and the Christian brother gladly embraced the offer. Yes the same device was used for the video in question. Not as good as I read DSLR cameras can be but a lot better than the previous device. The current video was done with not so good lighting setup and the stand used for the imaging device was quite wobbly – leading to disturbed focus (I think). Several other aspects are off but as the primary aim is concerned, the output should serve just fine 🙂

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An Excavator Loading Cottons Balls onto a Dump truck - Stop motion - Like Christ · October 19, 2018 at 3:25 pm

[…] based Christian friendly animation for the fun & play category. As with the animation published here, the wobbly stand seemingly caused some focusing issues.  And not much effort was made on lighting […]

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