Video note: A short Christian friendly video animation titled ‘Betty’s disconsolation’ under the series ‘The Minnies’.

Project notes: The same old humanoid assets used here and here with a new city environment recently purchased. I am anticipating a long term relationship with these assets cobination. I appreciate the simplicity and yet substantial detailing in them.

This hereon is a clip extracted from the more complete short animation I managed to compile that is currently rendering. Not rendering it in the highest resolution but it is taking sometime. I expected it to complete in about +/-48 hours. I could not keep a good track of time as the PC would shut down due brief power outages we had recently. I also initiated a render at one point unawares that I had a misconfigurations that resulted in house models not being rendered. I have also noticed a taxi model on the above strip showing up where it was not meant to show up 🙂 This meaning that I will need to make corrections on the project file and then re-render the affected frames. Yes I will need a better rendering PC rig if I am to have more frequent video publications.

Updates: Now with way fewer blemishes is the latest version of the video animation first accounted for as per the stroke through text above – rendered at 60% of Ultra HD. It still kept its simple sky material though I expect to use an HDR for the final version.
The City/environment material was sadly in a foreign format when purchased and had to be converted first for Blender. During which process much of its great native coloring got compromised. Which great colors I purpose to try to restore if it should by any free or paid mean be possible.

While I do not purpose to use these assets for complex story lines, I admit the one in question may have been way shorter & simpler. But for the sake of testing out the assets combination, using a theme as concise and to the point as the this was very helpful as the project was more of wroughing out, render and then analyse the sample output.
In the quest of keeping the animation workflow as simple as possible, I had previously concluded that leaving the vehicle models’ wheels stationary at any given driving illussion should have zero effect but it appears they are more visibly stationary in cases where the camera follows (or is parented to) the vehicle model. Bringing me to consider strongly animating their rotations as well. Dear God be merciful upon the whole.