In sequel to the felt need to quickly create a few basic kids games for the boys to play (and ofcause also making copies thereof available for free download online by other Christian parents) I have gone on to attempt a 3D car driving game. Of cause not without the help of templates.  Though a worthy computing background comes in very handy for effective customization – so that it not only work still in the end but that it also fostered the “Christian friendliness” quality.

I am currently attempting to add touch buttons for mobile based platforms. I shall then proceed to publish a simple Android version and hopefully adapt for other platforms later. Otherwise the game itself still requires a littile more attention gameplay wise. Currently, I thought I would just scatter some balloons which can then be hunted out by the player driver.

I am looking to edit the car model as well (removing one exhaust pipe and also scale down the one that shall remain as I find their current setup arrogant). Yes I did not create the car model but found it offered for free. Dear God be merciful!





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