Until lately, I have created content for the online ministry in somewhat hurry. Mainly in attempt to quickly compile a more complete portfolio which would then hopefully help commended the work to the first few saints it would reach. If by any means those would include them that will happen to have the earth’s possessions as well as be disposed to support the ministry (monentarily amongs other possible means). This being because I have also todate jungled this work with my secular business for subsistence’s sake.

Now while holliness forbid that the “Christian friendliness” quality (which is the core concern) should be lacking from any of the published content, the overall art thereof as well ironing out areas that could potentially raise prejudism have seemingly sufferred. Yes while some notable imperfections are owing to lack of skill in the field, others are direct resuts of rushing through.

I believe I have a few publications that are still pending finishing-touchups (as per their respective attached notes) that I have not gotten to so much as peek on due to want of time resource. Yes I certainly commit to addressing each material imperfection, but until the same is done, I thought I should explicitley account therefore. Dear God show mercy!


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