I lately desired to and also went on to attempt a simple loop taxi game. As with all attempted games to date (and ever going on I expect), Christian friendliness had to make up the cornerstone. Hence I took much care in choosing of the humanoid fare sprite. Also, the taxi composition had to shun well away from vanities such as super sized wheels and fiery vinyl The engine speed also had/has to be tamed up to a fairly acceptable level. Care was also taken on the destination choices – avoiding controversial ones like cinemas and is kindreds. As with other games attempted to date, I based my own gameplay on a borrowed scripts. The taxi engine script is based on the Drive & Count game which was adapted from a downloaded script.

While working on it was rather a smooth going for the most part, I must have spent several hours (spread over some 3 days) to implement brakes. The brakes were necessary for a dignified fare pickup and drop off – though I have yet to disable pickup/drop off when the speed reading is above 0. I am currently implementing touch buttons for mobile device and should then after publish both the game as well as a video trailer thereof.

P.S The game is now published and the PC version is sadly buggy to enable a good video trailer recording. I should hopefully have a look at it and then accordingly arrange the recording. Only that the Lord would have mercy above all!

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