While much is often said and discussed, I am fully persuated that the foregoing is one of the rational ways to look at the subject of television and Christianity. And then to be able tell if TV is to be at all a Christian’s portion. To best present my position, I reckon I should first draw the reader’s attention to the following sad facts about humanity. That until a man’s will is subject to that of God through Christ, it rejoices in fleshly appetites to the greated degree permitted. And this is true with pagans and their ways of life.

Public/State Owned TV

These are commercials powered public/state or privately owned TV broadcasting. These either belong to the goverment or are subsidized by the same while earning the rest of their revenue from advertisement. Now if a given state’s governance is Christian dominant, then any state owned/subsidized television Channels will most probably be well worth a Christian’s attention as chances should be that only content that is weighed against Christians standards is broadcasted. Yes I must say that I have yet to learn of a state government that is genuinely Christian dominant (not that I am a thorough student of global history/news).
And similarly, if a given state’s government is pagan dominant, then it cannot be but that any state owned/subsidised public television channels will broadcast secular shows that are overly spotted with fleshly appetites and thereby not be well worth a Christian attention/sympathy.

Cable, Satellite or Privately Owned TV

This is televisin on private satellite insfrastructure that offers paid bradcasting with no third party commercials/advertising. And I believe it can in like manner be inferred that a Christian dominant government would allow no private incorporation to enter into business that practices television broadcasting unless they can prove that they will only broadcast content that should be in honor of Christian ethics. In the contrary, a pagan dominant government will generally embrace secular/fallen satellite/cable TV broadcasting without issues. Partly because this is consistent with the carnal apetites they themseves are governed by.

Evangelical Christian television broadcasting

Incorporations of sound Christian satellite/cable TV may indeed still exist under a pagan government. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same of a sound Christian channel under a hired pegan owned cable/satelite infrastrcture as, while possible, it is highly unlikely that such ministry should progress well without well stepping on the toes of its benefactors (the cable/satellite infrastructure owners). Particularly if the infrastructure is shared with non-Christian channels. Nevermind a Christian program on a pagan Channel. What I mean is that true ministers will generally ever teach and warn against pagan TV channel/program watching amongst others evils. And this will not be permissible to the TV’s stakeholders be it public or cable/satellite TV. And this means that the minister’s stay on the channel/infrastructure  should be short lived. Yes this mean that neither is a pagan satellite TV nor public TV capable of really offering a worthy Christian program (with the exception of evangelism).

How to tell between a Christian and a pagan dominant TV broadcasting

Well, while one could best tell if a given state owned/subsidised TV is pagan or not (by judging the government under which it is found) satellite/cable TV may require a different approach. However, given that is cannot be that undiluted virtuous programs be broadcasted by a pagan TV incorporation, a Christian should in like manner be able to best tell if any satellite broadcasting incorporation is for him or not by analyzing any one show they broadcast. If any show is found that explicitly trample upon Christian principles, then it should be safe to conclude that given broadcaster as pagan dominant and that it is not in them to feature any channel that can safely be worth a Christian’s time or attention lest it be for his soul. Yes there may be special cases where we may believe we have by chance come across a pagan cable/satelite channel that we believe poses next to no soul threat. These could be the likes of nature based channels or informative/educational channels. If a saint can in clear conscience assure themselves that there is indeed no soul threat in them, then there certainly can be no objection against such cases. But these cases are often not much and longevity is never promised.

Pagan Television Concerns

Yes the concern now must be pagan television as we have now established that it is possible to have a sound Christian television broadcasting that is well worth a Christian’s attention. And it is true that several pagan owned channels/programs can offer some valued informative, educational or refreshing programs. However these are often as much guilty of many vices when looked upon in light of holy scriptures – and hence often not well worth a Christians’ attention. The foregoing are examples of vices pagan television is often guilty of:

  • Vulgar or arogant language
  • Vain or aborminable storilines/themes – evil persuits that must displease God
  • Vain glorying – on wealth and honor amongst others
  • Nudity – overly fallen dress code that often fosters lust
  • Violence – explicit glorying in violence
  • Aborminable or lewd Commercials on sponsored TV – which catches up with the viewer even when watching a supposely innocent program.

My own transitioning from pagan televion

When I personally (by grace) got fed up of all the lust setups as well as all other vanities and arogance of TV I turned away from it. But due to having kept a home based office over the recent years, I was forced to be part of how my two sons (now 5 and 7) pass their time on daily bases. In persuit of this has exposed me to several kids television concerns that are not always obviuos depending on one’s spiritual age. I tried to confined the boys to kids channels (on this one cable/satellite service) for a start, then to only certain programs of the particular kids channels. And when all proved spotted by the flesh and hopeless, I cursed TV and removed the boys from in front it.

Then I thought I could turn to Google’s YouTube. Hoping particularly on the fact that you can there choose what to watch rather that depend on the brodcaster’s menu. But even then, I soon found that amongst being often etheistic in nature, several individual video literature would often contain brief scene blemishes. Blemishes that would either threaten godly upbring or offend/vex you as the parent or guardian as you admister the video content to the little ones. This was when I started mumbling up the videos here and laboured to confine the boys to them along. But when the process of making any worthy collection seemed to lag, an idea of cutting out scene blemishes using a video editor crossed my mind. This I attempted cheerfully until I realized that it too still left me desiring for better. The boys often get no chance to learn about God in such literature. And also, its hard to keep up when there are audios or narations as the language soon appeared fallen. Yes you will hear arogant phrases like ‘I will see you tomorrow’ rather that ‘I should see you tomorrow or ‘I will see you tomorrow, God willing’.

All these brough me even the more to considering evangelical Christian made video literatures. Yes rather than, enduring for the sake of the little benefits (information or education) offered on these often compromised pagan videography it seems to make much sense to create our own if we can both help and afford it. Yes where we cannot help it, it true that we aught to bear it rather than to compromise. Yes better it is that we go to heaven not having acquired the information pagan TV offered than that we should be damned having acquired all. Hence the initiative here. Starting with kids because these are most handy in their case amongst other reasosn – and that any eldely saint desprately looking for refreshment could well watch the kids videograph while they pray and hope for their own.

Unfortunately, as clear as it may be that pagan TV is often more rabish than the good it may do, sustantial abstances therefrom by indivuduals we may argue with (as with all other carnal tendencies) will stubornly depend on their spiritual age. Whenever we have the power, it would be great to enforece agaist pagan TV even if our audience do not understand just so God sees fewer stumbling on daily basis.This is more true in a parents to child setup as they will often likely have to give account for rabish they let their kids feed on and sadly grow thereby).

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