As accounted on the communication post here, virtually all past publications were done in rather haste. And one of the areas that suffered as a result of the said fact was proofreading of text publications. And hence errors, omissions and prhaps inconsistencies would often be noted here and there. Well, while any enlightened eye would still be able to discern earnestness from virtually all such publications, inconsistencie are never complimentary.

But again as hoped on the same communication post, it seems providence is now finally authoring that I should be able to proofread those amongst other cleanups. Yes I have through the enabling of grace committed to proofread as many text publications as I possibly shall over the next couple of days. And expect to mark each proofread publication as such so readers know where to be tolerant.
And high priority sub-projects for this puposed work are: stories, videos, games, education as  well as funding. And publications are to be proofread for both typing errors, grammar as well as topical coherency. Dear Lord have mercy over all. In Christ Jesus’ name – Amen.

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