Amongst our aspired Christian-friendly centered projects is the curating/creating¬† of toys that should complement a Christian parent’s earthly pilgrimage. Toys that should be free of a fallen man’s arrogances, amongst other vanities. These we shall both labour to curate from existing toys supplies as well as mobilizing a custom manufacturing of toys designed as per our blue prints. And then futher labour to make these available at possibly subsidised prices (including shipping). We expect to retail these on the also aspired Christian friendly market place through.

The train model’s composition itself is great with a fair amount of details. Enough to get a little one imagining away as we get on with other or just rest. But the text parts (speed king, super big train) of the vinyls are odious and leaves a lot to be desired. We certainly can simply leave toys like these and buy what is offered with more agreeable vinyls. If we cannot help it yes or if better ones exist ofcause – only that one may still but what if we can – what if we the Lord granted these may be curated. Fortunately, non of my sons can read properly yet and so I managed got away with these for now. I have however had to rip off some vain picture vinyls in the past from newly purchased toys as those required no read literacy. While we avoid a fallen man’s beach, do not we

Another one good example that was applicable to my case was finding a roadway based playmat for the boys. Once again wishing for one that had graphics free of arrogances and vanities of a fallen. Graphics of super-sized tire cars, vain amenities such as cinemas amongst many others. But this was not as easy – leaving me wishing a service that offered printing custom made playmat graphics. While these existed at some states, I still needed to have graphics done

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