When hope on affordable cloud/online render farms was pretty much lost, I came to be aware of one service that offers, amongst others, a $35/m price plan which proves to be quite affordable for current circumstances. A monthy price plan meaning that multiple projects can be rendered inbetween at no extra charge. There indeed exist a set limit on projects complexity but that looks way over the average complexity level on current animation projects – despite that the same complexities tended to bog down the not so clever equitments onhand 🙂

And this came up just after I had put up a $350 alms request for a smarter render rig on Alms. Yes I then thought I should suspend the same entirely to avoid unecessary care or confusing to giving saints as I already have an ongoing generic alms compaign for the likeChrist Ministries at large. From which’s possible success I should ever afford the same $35 on monthy amongst many other running costs. With the price evidently this low, I indeed could just  affording this subscription from business proceeds – while I may have to wait for the work to get commended to saints who could then potentially consider to honor this particular alms request.

Yes while all said alms requests may by grace be attended with success, I should not, through carefulness, be tempted to squeeze aught out of saints if they are not successful. So affordable quality services must certainly be cherish-able – as they should often mean less sacrificing need. Dear God be merciful still – in Christ Jesus.

Lastly, while I am certain to a good degree that the offer is as I understood it to be, I should email the service provider first prior to taking up the first subscription and then hopefully attach a post script below for updates.

P.S 06/07: I accordingly emailed the said service provider as hoped but have yet to receive a reply. Which leave me somewhat skeptical over their service offer unfortunately. But I got to take notice of as well as consider their $6 per project offer as well – and reckoned it to be even more fitting for the time being. That I could then do test renders on the desktop on hand and only let them handle final renders. As I despair I may have more than one ready project per week (until further notice). Which would then potentially cut the monthly cost down to $24. Dear God be mercy still!

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