With regard to website infrastructuctures, much of what needed little to no direct financial expenditure have I fairly attempted to date (with the exception of proof reading as a lot of creative writing was necessary and I have yet to wrap proof reading). However due to my current monthly obligations, I feel I must shelf what can wait (that requires direct financial expenditures) for whenever there should be a disposable budget. Which tasks are the foregoing:

  • Logos redesigning: I mumble up the logos of both the main site as well as its subdomains on a free vector application. I do feel I could do a little better with enough time resource but also consider paid options (provided the designs are strictly as per my guidelines as some logos can be quite arrogant and unlike Christ). I am considering paid options especiall since PNGs seems to be notably blur on mobile screens. While SVGs works best, tend to have font issues on certain platforms – probably fixable but nothing I could find helpful information on so far online. Whether paid or selfmade, it seems some sort of financial stability must need be waited for prior to proceeding.
  • Premium themes for the stories, games and education resources: These three currently use one lite (with author-withheld features) theme version. While the sites are failrly usable, withheld features are often complementary. And I on the same note do consider the paid version of the theme but that it should wait until the worthy budget is at hand.
  • Premium theme and engine for the Funding/Alms platform: As noted here, the site is running on a free version of base engine. Fortunately, the full version is said to preclude a free professinally built theme authored specifically for the same engine. This meaning that there is no need to expended a theme separately for the same platform – but rather on the full version of the engine whenever it may be affordable.
  • A worthy videos site theme: The kids videos subdomain is as well on a free videos-intended. While I believe there must exist a premium version of it, I do not find the current theme as young user-friendly as I could wish for. And must need explore other kids themes that may exist or hire to have one custom built.
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