As of today, all story audios are done using the TTS engine acquired sometime back. While it fills the gap quite failry, I must own that using real human voice-overs should do even more justice to pronouncation, tone and well as audibility. Having had no success capturing hopeful audios thereof locally (due to either want of a worthy device or skilll), I am contemplating more paid voice-over services (have seen some offers as low-priced as $5 per 1000 words. When considering the fact that records agues that Mr Alexander Scourby was not professing Christianity at the time of his KJV voice-over service, I am conviced I should not have to confine my search amongst the redeemed only for this work. However if a pagan voice-over service should be hired, efforts should be made to ensure that only sober and selfless style is fostered.

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