After spending a day or two trying to both learn and test render using AWS’ virtualization machines called EC2, It seems I am essentially back where I started out. Of all web related setups I have had to work on, I find AWS’ setups to be one of the most challenging ones. After progressing so far as getting actual rendered frames, It seems EC2 is still not the way to go. Well this option was coveted the more for its one extremely low cost plan called spot instances. Where machines can be utilized in between standard priced instance demands – as they briefly seat idle. While this must work well for some needs, it does not seem to fill the render gap on hand well for the below reasons:

  • Because instances on spot plan are dropped each time there are standard priced instances that needs to be catered for, some frames are found omitted from the stipulated range. And finding out which ones are missing can be work. It was work enount for the 700 frames long 2nd edition of the ‘The Lord’s prayer’ animation. And should be more than double the work for this one which is 2550 frames long. But I certainly have no real problem doing work that MUST be done.
  • The virtual machine I setup and then fed with the project file seem to have somehow offset the George model’s armature. While this is not notable from the frames rendered therefrom, the offset was obvious once rerendered and include the frames which were omitted (notable from the jitter on the videos feature hereon). This unfortunately is a material concern as there is not telling how each future projest may be affected. Cannot even tell if this is correctible.
  • Somehow the AWS’ machine will not load my .hdr environment texture (use for the sky). This has been no issue on any other cloud render farm I tried (under their free trials). This again is a material concern – though it may be correctable through some reasearch but I at the moment have no idea where to start expecially since this issue does not occur on the non AWS platforms I tried.

I purpose to try and test out this service once and for all – first with per project $6 plan and perhaps the $35 per month later on. As for AWS option, I may have to scratch it off of the concerns are quite material.

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