As noted here, I already had reasons to believe that the hosting plan then at hand could use upgrading. But I did not expect to hike resource usage just by carrying out modifications. Which should also explain why I first had to suspect poor signal – until I had to access the control panel (cPanel) and found that the CPU usage peaked to 99% (100% at one point). Coming to think of it, I certainly do tend make several simultaneous server requests in attempt to catalyze progress. Many of which must be resource intensive.

While I stood ready to be expended on the upgrade in question, I wish it had waited until I should have had to conclude the alluded global friendly TLD subject. As further noted on the same post, domain name was the most desired but it sadly does not seem available any longer. As of now, the most plausible domain options seems to be:

  • : Concise and likely to be better commended to both men as well as web crawlers but it as well has a company bearing. Also that since this is not as common, that then it might be best, comparatively speaking, to settle for the .com if ever possible.
  • : This one is coveted for both its conciseness as well as its ‘individual’ bearing. An attribute that seems to compliment the fact that, though  believers may live and interact as groups whenever necessary, that they are called to conform to the image of Christ as individuals.
  • : While this greatly complement the fact that virtually all sub undertakings of the likeChrist Ministries are online based, the extension is currently not as common and seems to be unnecessarily long. Unfortunately, this is currently the one I am strongly considering – though nothing conclusive.
  • : While with the most coveted ‘.org’, this should not be global friendly to both men and web crawlers (with the national denotation ‘.za’)
  • : White quite complementary by virtue, this one just appears arrogant and inconsistent with the meekness we wish to put on.

I wished hard to for a .ministry extension but that does not appear to be at all available yet. So unfortunately, all the above discussed TLDs are indeed second best options that leaves me wondering still if there could not be something better I may have missed.

Another name change delaying factor is in very deed the fact that a new SSL certificate should need to be acquired as the one I had gotten for the property cannot be taken with – and budgets appear constricted still. Especially now that it seems to be due time to take up a PPC marketing campaign account for the Alms ministry.

As usual, dear God have mercy over all – through Christ.