After some earnest comparisons, I settled for the .co TLD. As I journal this, I am about 30% through the actual files migration process. While the URLs and their respecting SSL certificates are already functional. Being something I do not do very often, I run into frequent dead ends requiring prior research or refreshing breaks. Working about a stretch on overall progress (been around two days now). The domain name and SSL certificates were secured for a total discounted price of $7.76 (normally $30+ I read) from namecheap.

I initially went to this provider for their discounted .co domains and SSL certificates price but then reckoned, for several considered advantages, that I might take up a hosting plan with them as well. This of cause meant forfeiting the said upgrade expense recently incurred. This was indeed the very possibility that had me concerned of having to upgrade prior to the conclusion in question. But that if the Lord permitted, then that it may indeed be.

Otherwise, either than the dreaded company bearing, the .co domain proves to be the best resort of all options I had at hand. All the while just hoping that the ministry may reach a stage in time where it can extend an offer to the current owner of domain – of cause provided it should still be unused as it seems to have for some years now. The Lord have mercy over all.