After months of working on the likeChrist web infrastructures, I have yet complete the basics on generally all domains (subs and main included). With a fair amount of general cleanup, proof reading, page edits as well as feature integration/modification work still pending. The Alms platform is however a lot usable at this point and can now quite fairly serve both giving as well as needy saints. I in fact have deliberately spent a lot more time on it than I did on others since its nature was one that needed not to be pre-fed with content (save for few sample requests of my own) in order to be commendable. It does however still require that I take up a web search marketing campaign for it as it hardly have any traffic (sad. While marketing campaigns hoping for local traffic (especially for brick and mortar entities) are apparently easier to create, a campaign hoping for Christian traffic from all over the world and languages can be daunting to undertake. But it is of cause not an optional task – but that it must accordingly be undertaken in due time.

Kids video animation project: I otherwise recently tested rendered the Wendy version of the LORD’s prayer animation on this one render farm and the results were positive. Not only did it prove to be functional and reliable but also inexpensive. So much so that I am looking to settle on it for render needs until further notice. I am hoping to compile and publish the combined version using the newly rendered frames/images over the next few hours (to days).

The Classifieds & Market place project: The script on which the BuySell classifieds undertaking is based was reported to be being deprecated and its add-ons shop due for closure. This bringing about a need to migrate the project preferably to WordPress as I expect to there should exist a dedicated classifieds plugin. Especially since it had yet to be expanded to integrate a market place that should greatly benefit from that huge library of plugins available for WordPress.

The Q&A project: I have as well undertaken the desired Q&A platform but as well have yet to get it to a usable state. I had initially wished to as well have it based on WordPress but the worthy scripts for these platform type are all paid with not free lite version. And hence I am currently considering to build and launch using this one open source script called Question2Answer and in hope to migrate over to WordPress once need becomes. After all, the hope of this particular project is to foster a simple and yet functional Christian friendly multi-category questions and answers community.

The Instant messaging platform project: While musing around the instant messaging project I learned that a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service called Telegram was open and that its API and user clients could be used or adapted upon without limitations. Of cause as with all that brought about our concerns, this service quickly declared itself as the world’s own. I in fact sadly got sexually offended by simply going through their homepage (another reason why I am resolving even the more to browse the internet with images disabled by default and only enable on demand). For which reason I reckoned, if ever settled upon, that we would only take advantage of their offered API service, while leaving their user clients and all GU related resources alone as one may never know what they may feature in the future. I am currently indecisive and may still consider the purchase of a ready made template that would then be customized (as per our blue prints) and then deployed – whichever should prove to offer the most control over critical areas. Apart from being unsure harnessing a seemingly arrogant service such as them and dread of whether using their API should provide sufficient control, I am still unaware of the cleanness of the project’s source of funds.

The Kids games projects: I recently purchased a simple kids friendly city environment (US$4.99) – and am currently adapting the car from the Balloons hunt game onto it. The environment came with a simple but quite complementary self-driving (AI) car system. This is one game I am seeing the greatest response on from the boys if I must say as I send *.exe versions of the progress to the PC they use as well as APKs onto my Android device (from which they also play). The AI system came on the US driving orientation (keeping the right lane) – and adapting it to the South African orientation (or UK amongst other countries) which is the opposite must be the greatest delaying factor as I have indeed worked on it for few days now. I felt thus adapting was necessary so that users may have freedom of choice for orientation (as this can to some degree be material even though it be a kids game). Also, that if possible, that it could indeed be developed to be an official Christian friendly driving simulator that could be greatly value adding to Christian looking to be proficient in basic safe driving (and every Christian should) without having to be on the actual road. Yes I as well felt I could find it useful as I am still due for a license test. I am aware that there exist several simulators but am moved on how sensual their female pedestrians are generally clothed on as many of them. It is true that this is how we are likely to find on public roads but I cannot see how we are to foster offensive setup even in areas where we can help it.

Dear LORD have mercy¬† overall through Christ’s name as usual.

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