Download *Zip

  • Game title: City Driving 3D
  • Game controls: Keyboard & mouse
  • Platforms: PC (Android, iOS & Mac pending)
  • Zip size: 27 MB for PC
  • Number of levels: N/A
  • Controls: Arrows or WASD keys. Backspace & Tab keys for side views. Space bar key for e-brake and O for reset.
  • Game description: A Christian friendly 3D City Driving where the player simply drive around the City roads that features Artificial Intelligence (AI) cars and traffic lights systems.

Game project notes: This is a game based on the car assets used on the Balloon Hunt. And I have in like manner wished to scatter balloons about the city as collectibles but realized that the amount of collisions increases as the sons were more on the balloons and less attentive to the AI cars sharing the road. I have laboured to tame the speed to what I judged to be functional and yet responsible. A ‘Please be careful’ voice was also integrated for head on collisions to try and discourage neglect. I may integrate and engine sound instead of the audio should providence permit.

While fairly decent, the AI cars are as well not perfect and may mis-detect the player’s car. The traffic lights also needs little attention. The game is right lane based while a left lane version is also expected to follow. In fact there is a wish to develop this game into a fully functional Christian friendly driving simulator which should provide a simulated real world driving practice for fluency. Especially since pagan made tend to be materially compromised in certain respects – such as sensually dressed pedestrians. The LORD show mercy – in Christ Jesus.

Change log:

06/10/2019 – Game is to restart for all head-on collisions. And the car should be unable to cut corners by climbing the road kerbs – particularly when driving forward.