Sample video clip here:

A simple (and yet professional and cute looking so I find) animation project recently undertaking. In continued concern of aggravated render time for higher resolutions, I thought I would try this one render engine that the 3D software used features. It is said to be less realistic looking but I find it quite complementary for these assets.

I recently realized that the city assets used on the test animation for these assets was made mainly for games and not animations. Which explained why it was lop poly and had unusually high road kerbs. And at this thought I might setup a different higher poly home environment when I could then ever use with the assets. And that is how the setup on the image and clip came about.

Unfortunately, I am still using the TTS engine for narration for this and not a real human voice. I may however hire for and use one should circumstances permit once the animation work is completed. While also meant for fun watching, the animation story themes around the goodness of God. On how he created a great many agreeable things for us to enjoy and give him thanks. May he have mercy over the whole undertaking.

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