As desired, I accordingly undertook an instant messing service project. I indeed still feel we need to either develop our own wholesome messenger or we are better off on sticking with text messaging/SMS as pagan owned instant messengers are often found to embrace features that do not complement Christian holiness or omit those that would – such as inability to disable contacts’ profile pictures, etc.

While PC and iOS clients are also intended, only an Android client was attempted and published (adapted from an open source project found online). While usable for basic text conversations, it is not without a couple of bugs. As well  two major intended features have yet to be integrated – that is phone number authorization as well as file sending. The issue is that, because I cannot afford to hire skilled labor, I often resort to attempting these projects by myself (as unskilled as I often may be in the given fields). To rely heaving on internet information and tutorials. While the approach works quite fairly, learning by doing is sadly time consuming and often means a longer turnaround time.

And with the ongoing carefulness on family supplies as well as other ministerial project needs, It has not been easy to get the said Android client onto the desired development stage. And now to think that if I have thus been tossed to and from by an Android app project, which’s platform and developer tool I have had occasion to temper with in the past, that how much trouble should it be to attempt client app for iOS. Particularly as I assert that an instant messenger should have multiple platform support to be viable (worth one’s while). Buying ready made clients that can then be customized towards Christian friendliness therefore certainly seem to make a lot of sense. But of cause this is not too much of an option as of now due to ill budgets as noted. The Lord have mercy over the whole, Amen.