Unfortunately, the work is taking a lot longer than one may have anticipated. Shortly after hope was entertained on trying to complete the same, circumstances led to a break that continued until about lately. I have indeed pretty much been able to rough-animate the entire film now and essentially await to rendering it out. I continue to find the visual outcome quite pleasant, however the dear models appears to would appreciate a mouth-sync for spoken word – to be able to articulating their inferred speeches. Also that their armatures or rigs (done by myself) could greatly appreciate tweaking or a complete overhauled by a skilled 3D artist (for better posing). Either than those two, I still feel the assets are great looking and that I would gladly continue to create on them if I can at all help it.

Despite having thus switched to the said render engine, rendering continues to be an aspect of concern – perhaps until there should be available available budget for the said cloud rendering subscription option. This 2 minutes short film (at 720×480 and with 3000 frames) seeks to render for over 20 hours on the i5 T420. What is even more sad is that the said render engine does not use a GPU – meaning that the recently acquired GTX650 cannot be of any help while thus configured.  As with all, may the Lord be mercy the whole endeavor!

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