While a fair progress was made with the open source template app discussed here, I had  issue intergrating missing and yet basic features such as image sharing – due to an unworthy developing background. For which reason I had for sometime considered the option of buying a ready built client code (both for Android and iOS). And when a the oppotunity to secure one for Android (in the Lord’s providence) presented itself, I embranced it with both hands. The author asked $19 for a standard lisense and $99 for an extended lisense. Seing I have no intentions to charge for it, it made perfect sense to go with the standard lincense.

The client in question came with no native support for Emojis (though those using keyboards that supports this may still be able to input them). I had to invalidate the ability to upload profile pictures though as this came supported. I have also managed to implement the ability to toggle off one’s online status amongst several other customizations.

The client was purchased at the ending of 2019 but it sadly dragged over three weeks to get notifications to work (the developer’s partiality in supporting sadly played a considerable role). I hope to have it listed for free download anytime soon. Unfortunately, I still cannot offer it through the Play Store (for reasons accounted for on the FAQs). The Lord show mercy overall.

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