I have of late been further developing the messenger app dicussed here as well as this one browser app found as an open source. Both of which eventually earned their separate subdomains, where their details were published and APKs hosted for free download. Up until now they were only available as APKs from there and never on Google Play Store as well. This was  so mainly because I have for sometime now could not find the Google Play of a friendly interface (especially the landing page). And therefore was moved to loath and despise hosting the applications with them – overlooking all possible benefits. I however recently been brought to reconsider the option and now feel hosting with them may be a justifiable move for a few reasons.

  • When a direct Play Store app page link is used, there is no need to deal with the homepage (which is indeed the #1 offense). One instead deals only with a few related apps (that Google place on pages). These are normally related apps and should as the name implies be application types that to some fair degree relates to app undersought.
  • As far as Android is concerrn, downloading applications via the Play Store remains the only option vouched as credible as safe. This means that virtually all other non Play Store hosted apps raises security concerns to users – irrespective of the vindicative notes that one may attach to webpage hosting the APK.
  • When the native parental control feature is enabled, with the setting on the strickest filter, it seems several applications with careless or arrogant imagery gets well filtered. This likely being because precutions are normally taken when app meant for growing users are developed.
  • There is hope to mobalize development of a no-root Xposed module that can possibly block Play Store images.

I hope to conclude on the whole soon – after which I should then accordingly enlist both applications thereon. The applications shall remain free of charge and of cause without ads either – while encouraging liberality from any saintly user who shall appreciate the virtue I hope they should offer. With any receivable funds expected to directly or otherwise help with futher development of the same  The LORD have mercy over all – Amen.