While I may only be able to only be able to detail out in the future exactly how, I feel this is the best legal entity for our intented project-types. And it could be incorporated the same day with a min or 3 directors as opposed to an NPO that seemed to require at least 5 and a 2 months turnaround. For which myself, my brother and wife accordingly stood as candidates for directors.

I have just spoken to a business banker and hope to have an active business account (under the registered name of the entity) by the end of the day. After which I mean to extend, in a form of a non-interest bearing loan to the company, just enough funds to allow us to commerce with service advertising – especially the Christian alms giving service. As it is in a fair operational state and very well appears to could be a good platform for sourcing operating funds for other capital-intensive sub-projects of the likeChrist Ministries (NPC) umbrella. It is the little loan sum I can afford at the moment it seems.

Yes there are no intentions to generate wealth (for us incorporators) through profits from opertions/ministering – hence the choosen entity type (Non Profit Company). All that we shall ever take home are salaries for our ministerial service hires. And while some projects may generate revenue (once operational) through products os service sales, the ministry is looking to depend heavily on the liberalities of as many enabled saits who shall perceive that virtues behind the ministry’s activities. Both of which revenue and donations should ever be expended towards the furthering of the ministry’s core mission – which is the promotion of the Christian friendly quality. The Lord God show mercy (through Christ) over all for his own name’s sake

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