As accounted for here, a Google Play account was finally taken up under the likeChrist Ministries. So we could at least make available (there as well) the few  Android applications we are developing (for reasons presented on the same post). While we indeed, currently suffer an under supply of resources necessary for further development of these applications, we resolved on offering them there free of charge (including the avoidance of selling ads which is an even more controversial subject).

The main reason being that we do not find Google Play’s interfaces to be at all innocent (with multiple vain and inappropriate imagery usage) and therefore are ashamed to be found trying to raise funds through such potentially injurious channel. Yes we fear lest we should be find trading charity for selfish gain. We shall, however, encourage our considerate application users to visit our website (where we may directly solicit financial help from them). Yes we still think that Christians are better off curating and maintaining their own application store/source. Which is why we continue to strongly contemplate on undertaking one amongst other initiatives. May the Lord have mercy over all.

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