For the past several weeks now, the ministry have been working on a certain 2D “Kids Loop Taxi” game – where the player seeks to pick fare and deliver them to their desired destinations. Earning coins as they do while having expenses such as fuel and towing (in the event of running out of fuel away from a filling stating) to cater for. Due to illness, this game has admittedly taken a lot long (perhaps 4 months now) and is sadly not entirely ready yet to date.

While just like any other, the loop taxi game project was primarily undertaken for to be used as a demo game on promotional/marketing campaign we wish to run under the ‘wholesome games subministry’. Aiming to thus attach a lengthy write up that contracts between our perception of Christian friendly games attributes vs those we consider typically vile (and thus not conducive to Godly upbringing. In hope that saints who shall perceive our position should consider to directly support work (through prayer, financially and otherwise). And thereby promote the creating of more wholesome/Christian friendly games.

The game is fairly playable now and is currently undergoing a ‘cleanup’ process. And should be available through the https// subdomain as well as via *Google Play Store once ready. May the Lord’s mercies abound over all – Amen.

*We do not find the Google Play Store platform to be any Christian friendly and would rather not have any of our applications made available through the same platform. However we came to consider the same for those who may for security related reasons be concerned about non-Play Store based applications distributions.

And we have otherwise gone on to put together a small utility that let’s you conveniently access the web version of the Play Store on mobile (with the ability to toggle on and off images on demand). And recommend that saints Download and use that as often as possible.

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