When material blamishes (coupled with difficulty availing support from the author of the previous source code) were encountered, we sought to seek a worthy alternative. And settled for one based on a rather robust open sourse chat-SDK. One other interesting factor about the current source code is that the author thereof also offers an *iOS client version (at $50) – which we could over the process of time source as well and span with the Android client.

Due to limping budgets, we are unable to tell approximately when the iOS client version may be sourced – and yes the purchase of the Android client version (which was at $30) was aided by a $22 refund from the previous source code price. We are currently wourking on customizing core areas (such as suppressing Emojis, custom profile pictures as well implementing presence monitoring flexibilities) and should have it available through the subdomain: https://messenger.likeChrist.co once fairly usable. May the Lord show mercy over all – Amen.

* While it is true that Apple devices are generally associated with boostful social benefit, I am made to believe that some (including Christians) innocently go for them mainly for their typically enhanced performance and security). For which reasons it must make sense to seek to cater for this platform as well even though saints are targeted.

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