Amongst other ministration projects, the likeChrist Ministries (a Non Profit Company) is committing to create and make available wholesome or Christian friendly children games for mainly Android and PC. Primarily to help little ones pass the time in a manner that does not retard any godly upbringing efforts made on them at any time. All the while ever ready to embrace every chance to educate or edify whenever presented. We are persuaded that godly upbringing can (or must) indeed be retarded whenever our little ones settle on passing the time over ‘carelessly’ made game resources (as it is with any other ill engagement or play). Particularly since games also tend to iterate on real life events. We therefore reckon that our little ones can greatly benefit from Christian-developed computer game resources. Below are some example pitfalls of game resources developed by the non-believers.

  • Inappropriate ads: Admittedly, there are many sad games out there that are not even worth being discussed. But at the same time, there are those that, while not perfect, could be usable. Unfortunately, free versions of these may come containing ads (hardcoded or hooked to ad networks). Some of which served ads are found inappropriate not only to the kids but even to parents or guardians. Some developers will hardcode advertisements of their other games on one game (including paid games). Which other games may be inappropriate. Many of these free game have no option to pay to remove ads.
  • Retards godly upbringing: As one may expect, the world or life portrayed on games developed by the godless have no place for (or active role of) God of the Bible. Trampling underfoot Christian doctrines by directly encouraging that which scriptures forbid – such as violence, sensual dressing, arrogance, emulation, etc. All of which cannot be conducive to godly upbringing. And, because non-believing developers have no Christian consideration, its easy for even their hopeful ‘children’ game resources to be found spotted with materially vile content that renders the whole loathsome.

The aggregate of which makes sourcing wholesome computer game resources for our little ones a lot hard (And we trust that brethren who have young children will agree with us).

We are therefore hereby appealing for financial assistance from all brethren who perceives our purpose. And we shall (with any such available funds) seek to develop and make available more Christian friendly children games – harnessing the help of skilled freelancers (who should ever work as per our blueprints) whenever necessary. Which approach should help us ensure that Christian friendly integrity is ever ascertained even on outsourced help.

If you find our purpose to bear evangelical virtue, then please kindly consider to give to this alms appeal. It should both benefit little ones as well as laying in store for you treasures in heaven.

A demo Kids Loop Taxi is available for any considerate saint’s test and judgement on the below links.

For Windows (zip)

For Android (via Play Store)

NB. Because the Play Store does not always offer a sympathetic interface, we recommend saints consider to access it using this app utility.

For more information, kindly email from here (email form).

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