P.S We managed to avail 90 days versions which were offered as trials. Hopefully, we should be able to get annual versions by the end of this 3 months period. May the Lord have mercy over all.

SSL certificates of several of our subdomains recently expired. When visiting them, you will likely receive a warning message stating that you connection is not private. You have a right to refrain from proceeding further from there though the is no harm in either at all. We hope to install new certificates as soon as possible (financially). While hosting all content in one main domain would be cheaper, it appeared hosting on separate subdomains was more user friendly. Unfortunately, each subdomain certificate cost about the same as that for main domain (about $7each) – and unlimited subdomain wildcard certificate is not any cheaper (averaging about $50). So it was a hard decision to make indeed but we continue to hope that affordability shall not always be an issue for the ministry. Affected active subdomains are:

Sample screenshots


Published games



The certificates of the main domain as well as that for the Alms subdomain remains valid (and that for several more months).

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