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The likeChrist Ministries was undertaken back in 2016, despite that it seems very little was accomplished. The ministry seeks to help add truer value to Christians’ earthly pilgrimage through the creation (or fostering the creation thereof) of the Christian friendly quality. The ministry is looking to achieve this by creating (or encouraging the creation) of Christian friendly services and goods. These shall be value adding  services and goods that Christians have had to use with great excercise of caution  or utterly turned away from  due to the level compromise in their composition or procurement. Services and goods that can ideally be of truer value if produced or administered by sound or evangelical Christians. 

The ultimate objective being to help foster resource while abating offense (that may lead to stumbling or vexation amongst other disagreeable ends) as well as to directly promote the advancement of the kingdom of the Father through His Christ. And because I was already saying with brother Watchman Nee when the work was laid on my heart, that “I do not consecrate myself to be a missionary or a preacher. but that I consecrate myself to God to do His will where I am, be it in school, office, or kitchen, or wherever He may, in His wisdom, send me.” I then take it it is His will that the coal that caught fire back then burns hitherto. You can read the likeChrist Ministries’ fuller story here.


Kids Video Resources

The likeChrist Ministries seeks to help make available kids video resources that are Christian friendly and at best created by ‘sound’ or ‘evangelical’ Christians. When the ministry was first undertaken, this was the only area under consideration (and infact remains the prime subministry of focus) - however a few others have ever since come to consideration.
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Kids Short Stories

The likeChrist Ministries also long to help make available Christian friendly kids text as well as audio short stories. Stories that are ‘sound’ or ‘evangelical’ Christian written. Those that should take care never to assert against Christian teachings in the name of amusement and where possible labour to contribute towards evangelical edification.
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Kids Computer & Mobile Games

The likeChrist Ministries now also wishes to help make available kids computer as well as mobile games that are Christian friendly. Innocent and simple logic based games created by ‘sound’ or ‘evangelical’ Christians (again at best) for absolute modesty. This being in sequel to this
failed attempt.
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Kids Education Resources

The ministry also mean to offer online Christian friendly kids elementary services as well as resources. Hoped to benefit particularly those Christian parents who will have need to home school their children due to lack of access to local ‘sound’ or ‘evangelical’ Christian Schools.
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Evangelical Christian Crowdfunding

The likeChrist Ministries seeks to present a global evangelical Christian fundraising or alms giving platform. The subministry seeks to serve amongst others those Christians who shall have tested the gall of distitution on many existing professsed Christian crowdfunding platforms online.
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Global Classified Ads

The likeChrist Ministries is also looking to provission a simple multinational classified ads platform that shall seek to be as evangelical Christian-friendly as possible. The site shall amongst other vices avoid the use of/dependancy on secular ad networks or non-evangelical Christian based sponsored ads.
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The foregoing marks in substance the theology that the likeChrist Ministries both hold onto and expect to ever teach.

The Bible

We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God.

The Trinity

We believe in the triune God. On God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Who, while Three, are One.

The Christ of God

We believe in the deity and humanity of Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, in His present rule as Head of the Church and in His personal return in power and glory.


We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful men regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

The Holy Spirit’s Ministry

We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.


We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost, they that are saved unto the resurrection of life and they that are lost unto the barrenness of damnation.

The Body of Christ

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, with equality across racial and gender differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of now, I am the sole content contributor. Both of which facts must explain content leanness as well as some imperfections as I had often created in rather haste.  But I certainly expect to harness the help of hired labour as often as it should be applicable. And while labour hire shall be confined to the Christian community so far as need should be, we should at sundry times hire pagan labour on areas that should not be sensitive in their nature.

We may accept Christian volunteers but all pagan labor shall be paid – lest they should think their service should be counted as saving righteousness before God. A typical example work considered not sensitive would be modeling of 3D resources as per our specifications. And typical work considered sensitive to be entrusted to a pagan would creative writing.

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While this would be great and indeed the end of the ministry’s vission, we must admit that due to several limitations that may exist at a givien time, we should only ever cater for only a portion. But blessed be God whose heaven rejoices when one sinner repents. Yes for this reason shall we too rejoice for whichever gap we should be enabled to address at a given time.

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I am considering to register the work as a non profit charity body but only in the near future – as I have judged in good faith that doing so now should not be fully conjusive to efficiency. For more on this, please kindly refer to the communication post here.

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While we hope to, we are currently not linked to any established denomination. And have not made much effort towards establishing such association thus far. The major discouragement being that denominations renown for their evangelical exploits will undergo apostasy in one form or the other at times. Thus rendering denotational linkage as not always the best benchmark of the soundness of a ministry. I do however challenge saints, in the mean time, to: Have a look at our confession of faith, go through the About this ministry page of each sub-ministry (to judge our zeal), see the Journal entries here, go through our published content (to judge our doctrinal assertions) and even contact us where any other area of our identity in Christ may not be clear. But ofcause our position is that of protestants and NOT Catholic.

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While I would gladly embrace the oppotunity, by grace I now know that it is never our place as Christians to decide where in the multi-office body of the Christ to serve. That God instead does the allocation as per His wisdom and will – either through devine revelation or providence. Yes I have attempted street evangelism as well as pastorate back in the years with no evident encouragement from him. This is one public work I am however conviced he would have me expended on. Above this I continue to be instant in intercessory praying in the power of His Holy Spirit (amongst other prayers)  – Yes I am often cought up in groans for extended hours (to my great consolation).

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For the most part, we are indeed impliedly accusing existing providers of goods/services matching the likeChrist’s projects of interest of being partial or missing the evangelical mark entirely, but if any saint should at any time be convinced that any one of our ‘projects of focus’ is a duplicate of an already existing ‘worthy’ one, then please kindly reach out to us and we shall candidly consider and then accordingly call ours off once the duplication is ascertained – for we never seek to compete but ever fill evident gaps. We admit the internet is vast and that some worthy goods and services may just be suffering from poor to no advertising – which could explain why we could not locate them with moderate internet search efforts. With enough proof, we indeed can gladly call off the entire ministry at large 🙂

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To this I shall again bring up brother George Muller, who has for this type of work left a great example. Again I am reminded of how God was at one point pleased to anoint 70 elders to assist Moses the forerunner during exodus (the departure). Yes I am even well resigned to step down from forerunning should I (of the Lord) be led to a more worthy candidate at any state of the work.

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The term ‘evangelical’ should imply the receiption of the Gospel as presented in the Bible and by the Holy Spirit of God. And the following are a sample of renoun man whose’ work I generally consider evangelical. These may indeed have slight differences on many minor areas for reasons I cannot best point out but I found them to generally have held and presented the Gospel as shown in the scriptures and should therefore help emphasize my usage of the term: David Brainerd, George Muller, DL Moody, Jonathan Edwards , John Wesley, Charles G Finney, John Welch, George Whitefield, Duncan Campbell, Leonard Ravenhill, and Charles H Spurgeon.

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Christian friendly should refer to the quality of being able to sympathize or be in favor of evangelical Christianity – and whenever possible sincerely promote its advancement.

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If I must say, I am more arminianist but often dispar on the subject debate when considering how George Whitefield and John Wesley (who were contemporary and held onto either) could not convince each other and yet held each other’s work in great honor until separated by death. Yes this seems to suggest to me that the Lord was not pleased to intervene despite that he seemed to generally work mightily in each ones’ ministry of gospel evangelism. Leaving me wondering if they were perhaps meant to thus be each other’s thorns – to the humbling of their persons.

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If you believe you have content or skill/ability you would like to contribute, then please kindly contact and we shall hopefully take it from there.

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As of now, the  work depends largely on my (quite constricted) personal capacity. And this has sadly led to much progress suffering following our relocation in December 2018 as well as overall slow progress. I have attempted to avail funds through professed sources such as Christian grants as well as Christian crowdfundings without success. Either I did not meet the requirements (of location, church, ministerial focus, etc) or I would find them lacking when weighed against Holy Scriptures (the latter was often the case). We however are hoping raise the majority of operating costs through the liberality of saints whom the Lord shall, after we are commended to them, bring to consider giving.

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To any saint who perceives the gap we seek to fill and are willing to assist its possible advancement, then please kindly refer here.

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I practice non-skilled Android OS maintenance on low-end Chinese off-brand smartphones – making about $500/m. Servicing mainly fellow non-skilled Android phone technicians. I have for a long time continued on this trade against my will (of preferrence). Yes I would rather be full time on likeChrist but the Lord has not granted this hitherto. For those interested on how I reckon the trade stacks up against Christian ethics, please kindly refer to the argument here.

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Other Aspired Projects

One that should labour to present an offense-free mobile app sourcing experience. Either through recreating or hosting some existing ones in a Christian friendly manner. Keeping out front-end lewd, vain as well as arogant language and media (like images and videos).

The quest here being to curate kids songs that are evangelical in their compositions (especially the lyrics). These we shall further seek to video animate so little ones could watch as they sing along. If need should be, effort to write and compose our own shall be made. Else we could just record and animate existing evangelical written ones (granted we avail permissions from the authors).

Featuring the ability to toggle off profile pictures amonst other flexibilities that should maximize its Christian friendiness. And thereby help easy Christian earthly pilgrimage. We looking to purchase a ready made template (averanging $50) that can then be customized and deployed.

One that should offer a Christian friendly shopping experience. Experience with zero godless related/recommended products or services that will either offend or vex the soul.

An web browser that should offer flexibilities and features that should help promote Christian friendly internet surfing. And if it should prove wise, we shall instead focus only on addons that can then be deployed on the free and open-source Firefox by Mozilla.

A Christian friendly community Q&A platform that should strive to remain in honor of Christian ethics in each one of its every activitions. Covering topics relating to our day to day life (of our earthly pilgrimage) – such as Medical, Legal, Technology, Education, Business, etc.

NB. I certainly aim to do my thorough research prio to implememnting any of the above aspired projects as the aim is never to compete (in case a ‘worthy’ servicer allready exist) but to try and fill evident gaps and omissions for Christ sake.

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