While I (Kervin Mathumbu) would gladly embrace the oppotunity, by grace I now know that it is never our place as Christians to decide where in the multi-office body of the Christ to serve. That God instead does the allocation as per His wisdom and will – either through devine revelation or providence. That the best we can do to help the situation is to simply concecrate ourselves fully to him. Yes we have attempted street evangelism amongst other ministries back in the years with no evident encouragement from God.

This is one public work I seem to see his right hand of fellowship on. Above this I  continue to be instant in intercessory praying in the power of His Holy Spirit (amongst other prayers)  – Yes I am often cought up in groans for extended hours (to my great consolation).

Until now, I (Kervin Mathumbu) have been the sole content contributor. Which fact must explain both leanness as well as some imperfections as I had often created in rather haste and without skill in many fields. But we certainly expect to harness the help of hired labour as often as it should be applicable. And while labour hire shall be confined to the Christian community so far as need should be, we should at sundry times hire heathen labour on areas that should not be sensitive in their nature.

We may accept Christian volunteers but all pagan labor shall be paid – lest they should think their service should be counted as saving righteousness before God. A typical example work considered not sensitive would be modeling of 3D resources (as per our specifications). And typical work considered sensitive to be entrusted to a pagan would creative Christian writing.

The term ‘evangelical’ should imply the receiption of the Gospel as presented in the Bible and by the Holy Spirit of God. And the following are a sample of renoun man whose’ work I generally consider evangelical. These may indeed have slight differences on many minor areas for reasons I cannot best point out but I found them to generally have held and presented the Gospel as shown in the scriptures and should therefore help emphasize my usage of the term: David Brainerd, George Muller, DL Moody, Jonathan Edwards , John Wesley, Charles G Finney, John Welch, George Whitefield, Duncan Campbell, Leonard Ravenhill, and Charles H Spurgeon.

Christian friendly should refer to the quality of being able to sympathize or be in favor of evangelical Christianity – and whenever possible sincerely promote its advancement.

If I (Kervin Mathumbu) must say, we a lot more arminianist but often dispar on the subject debate when considering how George Whitefield and John Wesley (who were contemporaries and held onto either) could not convince each other and yet held each other’s work in great honor until separated by death. Yes this seems to suggest to me that the Lord was not pleased to intervene despite that he seemed to generally work mightily in each ones’ ministry of gospel evangelism. Leaving me wondering if they were perhaps meant to thus be each other’s thorns – to the humbling of their persons.

As of now, the  work shall depend largely on small loans extended to its legal person by acting directors (from their personal capacities). I (Kervin Mathumbu) have attempted to avail funds (prior the NPC incorporation) through professed sources such as Christian grants as well as Christian crowdfundings without success. Either I did not meet the requirements (of location, church, ministerial focus, etc) or I would find them lacking when weighed  for virtue against the Holy Scriptures (the latter was often the case seemingly). The ultimate hope however is to raise the majority of operating costs through the liberality of saints whom the Lord shall, after we are commended to them, bring to consider giving.

Kervin Mathumbu (Projects & Markerting Director)

Kervin works non-skilled core mobile computing (Android OS) maintenance. More information on how I find hamorny between this trade and Christian ethics here. Earning around $500 and month. But above all considers himself a Christian bondservant.


Rudolph Mathumbu (Financial & Public Relation Director)

Rudolph works as a Child Care worker at non-government charity center (NPO). Earning around $300 a month. Who as well count himself a Christian bondservant.


Bridget Lufuno Makhavhu (Sensitive Woman Projects Director)

She is a housewife who as well yearns after the prize of the high calling of God and thus is often found trying to press toward the same mark.

To this I shall again bring up brother George Muller, who has for this type of work left a great example. Again I am reminded of how God was at one point pleased to anoint 70 elders to assist Moses the forerunner during exodus (the departure). Yes I am even well resigned to step down from forerunning should I (of the Lord) be led to a more worthy candidate at any state of the work.

I am considering to register the work as a non profit charity body but only in the near future – as I have judged in good faith that doing so now should not be fully conjusive to efficiency. For more on this, please kindly refer to the communication post here.

The ministry was finally incorporated into a legal entity (Non Profit Company) with the South African CIPC and has reg# 2020 / 454453 / 08. The actinge directors (or incorporators) are myself, my brother and my dear wife.

For the most part, we are indeed impliedly accusing existing providers of goods/services matching the likeChrist’s projects of interest of being partial or missing the evangelical mark entirely, but if any saint should at any time be convinced that any one of our ‘projects of focus’ is a duplicate of an already existing ‘worthy’ one, then please kindly reach out to us and we shall candidly consider and then accordingly call ours off once the duplication is ascertained – for we never seek to compete but ever fill evident gaps. We admit the internet is vast and that some worthy goods and services may just be suffering from poor to no advertising – which could explain why we could not locate them with moderate internet search efforts. With enough proof, we indeed can gladly call off the entire ministry at large 🙂

If you believe you have content or skill/ability you would like to contribute, then please kindly contact and we shall hopefully take it from there.

While we hope to, we are currently not linked to any established denomination. And admittedly have not made much effort towards establishing such association thus far. The major discouragement being that denominations renown for their evangelical exploits will undergo apostasy in one form or the other at times. Thus rendering denominational linkage as not always the best benchmark of the soundness of a ministry . I do however challenge saints, in the mean time, to: Have a look at our statement of faith, go through the About this ministry page of each sub-ministry (to judge our zeal), see the Journal entries here, go through our published content (to judge our doctrinal assertions) and even contact us where any other area of our identity in Christ may not be clear.

To any saint who perceives the gap we seek to fill and are willing to assist its possible advancement, then please kindly refer here.

While this would be great and indeed the end of the ministry’s vission, we must admit that due to several limitations that may exist at a givien time, we should only ever cater for only a portion. But blessed be God whose heaven rejoices when one sinner repents. Yes for this reason shall we too rejoice for whichever gap we should be enabled to address at a given time.

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