Below is a list of initiatives we are newly undertaking or are actively (and that prayerfully) contemplating undertaking. You may click on any to learn more as well as avail a chance to be part of its possible development:

A wallet intented to help finance sensitive healthcare operations
  • This shall be a wallet that help seek alternative healthcare service (through private channels) that cannot be availed through public healthcare centers due to staff limitations. An example would be a case where the public healthcase center used mixed genders in their delivery wards (be it for midwives or backup doctors).
Christian friendly multi-platform mobile app store/source
  • One that should labour to present an offense-free mobile app sourcing experience. Either through recreating or hosting some existing ones in a Christian friendly manner. Keeping out front-end lewd, vain as well as arogant language and media (like images and videos).
A curated list of evangelical Christian kids songs/hymns
  • The quest here being to curate kids songs that are evangelical in their compositions (especially the lyrics). The same shall we further seek to video-animate so little ones could watch as they sing along. If need should be, effort to write and compose our own shall be made. Else we could just record and animate existing evangelical written ones (granted we avail permissions from the authors).
A Christian friendly webbrowser or complimentary extensions
  • A web browser that should offer flexibility and features that should help promote a Christian friendly internet surfing. And if it should prove wise, we shall instead focus only on add-ons that can then be deployed on the free and open-source Firefox by Mozilla. Extensions that should help promote a Christian wholesome internet browsing.
Christian friendly or oriented Android OS Edition
  • I deeply wish to undertake a Christian oriented Android Operating System edition. One that should seek to provide a Christian friendly mobile experince all around.