While its earliest activity attempt dates so far back as 2016, the likeChrist Ministries was only incorporated into a legal entity (Non Profit Company – reg# 2020 / 454453 / 08) in June 2020. The ministry seeks to help add truer value to Christians’ earthly pilgrimage through the creation (or fostering the creation thereof) of the Christian-friendly quality. The ministry is looking to achieve this by creating, empowering or encouraging the creation of Christian friendly services and goods. These are value adding services and goods that believers have (in favor of holiness) had to use with great exercise of caution or utterly turned away from, due to the level compromise in their composition or procurement. Services and goods that can ideally be of valid value if produced or provided by evangelical Christians (those after God’s own heart through Christ).

The simple goal being to help foster resource while evading offense (that may lead to stumbling or vexation amongst other disagreeable ends) – and thereby promote holiness, which is ultimately for the advancement of the Kingdom of the Father through His Christ. Thus serving the young as well as the old in Christ – as well as empowering Churches and ministries.

And because I (Kervin Mathumbu) was already saying with brother Watchman Nee when the work was first laid onto my heart in 2016, that “I do not consecrate myself to be a missionary or a preacher. but that I consecrate myself to God to do His will where I am, be it in school, office, or kitchen, or wherever He may, in His wisdom, send me.” I then take it it is His will that the coal that caught fire back then burns hitherto.


Short bio

As noted above, the ministry was first attempted (outside registration) by Kervin Mathumbu – living in Limpopo, South Africa. A nobody more than a former wretched sinner that has been the subject of the grace of a merciful God. Whom, though holding neither a seminar degree nor a denominational training/endorsement, have been very often found at the feet of the Christ of God – and have of him been taught as well as tried. And can now better handle strong meat – through the use of which I reckon my senses exercised to discern good and evil – and can also say with the Apostle Paul that I think I also have the Holy Spirit of God.
Again as with the Apostle Paul, when the Lord took hold of me (over 8 years ago) to the saving of my person, much of what I had thereto held dearly as gain was counted as dung. Amongst which was a commercial degree I was at the time engaged with. While I assert that not all academic pursuits are vain, I felt mine bubbled with greed amongst other selfishness. And felt strongly encouraged to lay it down, seek the face of my newly found Savior as well as hope in Him for new directions.
In the process of this season of seeking more of the face of the LORD and his Christ, I started contemplating marriage. I indeed considered with due diligence the virtuous admonishing of the same Apostle around the same, but I still came out convinced that the grace necessary for a man to remain alone had not of the LORD been made my portion. Unfortunately, the anticipation of family also brought about a sure need  to earn my own living. To which I then sought to incorporate and keep a small worthy secular business. But with neither capital nor tertiary qualifications, the options weren’t much. After trying a handful, I settled for non-skilled internet based ventures – essentially working from home. This complemented the more by my then rather feeble physic.
By this time we had our first son – but still he remained essentially too young to be a material concern even at the time our second son joined on (which was about two years later) – as he was neither ready for elementary nor Sunday school basics. All the while I was by grace progressing in subjects relating to holiness amongst other Christian doctrines.

Needs, Gaps and Considered Recourse 

Soon the said season ended and our older son’s understanding dawned – bringing about the necessity to introduce him to basic godly manners – such as being kind to his little brother. And because I kept a home office, I essentially had to be part those who (together with wife) had to actively seek out recreational activities and resources to help them pass the time on daily basis.
Kids video resources: With the older son then thus enlightened, it made sense to curate them only resources that should shun well away from retarding our godly upbringing efforts. A need we had not had to consider thereto. But this soon brought me to consider the evident lack of the Christian friendly quality on kids video resources widely available. Yes at that time much emphasis was particularly on video resources – and both satellite as well as public TV seemed to be failing.
Yes I then thought I might explore web-based avenues but neither they proved hopeful. With my fair internet researching background at the time, I also could not find any worthy library of kids video resources made with due care and consideration to evangelical Christian ethics. Essentially nothing more than feeble animation attempts based on Bible stories. Yes while these would indeed ever be of appreciated value, virtually all seemed to be carelessly made (probably by pagans or deceived Christian professors) and thereby largely harmful instead and equally worthy of being avoided. If a worthy library of kids video resources existed, then I reckoned it could be that it was simply not being properly marketed – yes I was never only hoping for free video resources but meant to pay where necessary. But nothing worthy could be found – neither free nor paid.
All of which brought me to contemplate attempting to fill the same gap by mobilizing the creation of evangelical-Christian-worthy video resources for kids (under the likeChrist Ministries umbrella). Video resource types that should name the name of the Lord as often as necessity should be – and not leave an atheistic impression on the very little ones we mean to bring up after a godly manner.
Text & Audio Kids Stories: While creative writing became necessary primarily so to theme the purposed kids video animation work, I felt many should appreciate basic text as well as audio versions of the same literature. I felt it indeed made sense to have virtuous or Christian-offense free stories for bed time. To have audio versions of the same to play in the background as kids hurry about in their rooms.
While never to replace the Bible stories, I am persuaded that worthy adaptations thereof that bears evangelical Christian admonishing should be of an appreciated value to the little ones’ persons. And thus worthy of consideration to Christian parents.
Computer game resources: Similarly, the games undertaking was in sequel to the attempt here  – an attempt I felt was necessary when considering the numerous regrets that would often follow after installing several kids game applications off Google’s Play Store – in the name of helping the lads pass the time. I say Play Store because devices at hand were Android based – though the concern should be applicable across all platforms). While a hopeless lot exist out there, many were encounters of promising kids game applications that would turn out to be materially spotted with a fallen man’s appetites – amongst few that seemed to be essentially free of blemishes. Hence I felt it should be of appreciated value to Christian parents to have access to a curated list of the few game applications I felt  sympathized well with our earthly pilgrimage. But this curating project could not succeed. More info on how this attempt was called off is on the same diary entry.
Educational resources: The concern on educational resources was never raised  until we had to enroll our older so for preschool. We unfortunately had no access to a worthy local Christian school, for a start. Yes two professed Christian schools actually existed but non proved to be indeed worthy – but that material carelessness could be noticed from both.  And we were very grateful to learn that parents could home school their kids in South Africa. And accordingly detained our older son – and instead merely registered him with this one online institution mainly for materials and formal records.
While not wide-spread, the materials we received we not very Christian friendly in their composition – a good example being the use of sexually offensive clip art. On the year that followed, we thought it wise to forebear registering the lad with any institution – minding to source him materials online (paid or free) from which we could then facilitate him. But sourcing educational materials that were all around clean and sympathizing with Christian ethics was another struggle. Materials would either be paid and compromised or free and fair but not easily accessible as ads would normally be sold on site. Yes paid and Christian friendly materials would be great enough – and free ones a bonus but this I failed to find – or perhaps I gave up too early.
A good example of this trickery accessibility being this one website that offers several great worksheets on various elementary subjects but will only let you download them in single pages (rather than in a batched zip) – just so one gets exposed to as many ads as possible. Yes where ads as sold, there is often conflict of interest – between quality service provision and maximized revenue. The aggregation of which marked another evident gap to me.
Classified ads: And yes the theme of the ministry’s quest soon became ‘Christian friendliness’. And a few evident non-kids specific gaps were considered. Amongst which was the classified ads site – which was in sequel to the concern that most classifieds are pagan incorporated and not at all Christian friendly – from vile offered categories to lewd monetizing methods. This affected us directly when we sought to list our old KIA (when ends seemed to refuse to meet). We could not justify listing the poor KIA on such compromised platforms. Platforms capable potentially offending as many use it to find disposable items or service. We are currently also looking to integrate a multi-vendor market place where effort to maximize Christian friendly shopping experience could be made without restrictions.
Christian alms and crowdfunding platform: Again this gap was taken note of when a personal need had risen and I fain could have appreciate the existence of a worthy alms or Christian crowdfunding. When I sought to raise funds for the likeChrist Ministries, I amongst others looked into some of the well-known online Christian crowdfunding platforms. But found that the they all proved to be lacking in crucial  areas – yes they seemed to leave weightier matters of grace, faith and holiness. Yes I was ashamed of even considering to campaign for alms with some of them. While others left me assure if I could expect givers therefrom to have any clean and honorable money. More info on this from this blog post.

The General Approach

A am as of current the major (essentially only) contributor  – but for efficiency as well as quality’s sake, I am looking to harness the help of as many  justifiable skilled assistance as possible across all ministerial avenues. To employ hired skilled labour whenever I can safely get away with – such as hired animators, academic book writing and the likes who will only proceed as per blue prints we supply. Yes where assistance is outsourced, mine shall be to ensure that only workmanship fostering the Christian quality amongst other Christian virtues gets authorized. Much effort to promote the work so far as possible shall be made. But most of all, I shall seek to proceed only as per the gracing of the Lord God of George Muller (just as Elisha sought that of Elijah). Yes much  praying shall be ascertained – to the end that there should be grace in store against the time of every need.


While I, for maximized efficiency’s sake, hope to eat my bread from the same work (as I reckon men such as George Muller did), I am in earnest on the work and honestly believe that these areas of focus are indeed material concerns. That being expended towards their addressing should be much pleasing to the Father than to be expended on a secular business for the sole reason of affording my bread. Else I honesty would instead cheerfully seek to explore justifiable secular business so far as providence would permit. But am persuaded that only sound Christian can effectively fill these gap types.

Disclaimer: This poor man is not a native English speaker and hence English laws may have been wrested here and there 🙂